There's so much talk about everything getting shut down again, and as numbers rise here in the Hudson Valley, it makes you wonder if your family could handle that again.

Geez, it pains me to even think about, but I suppose it is something that actually needs to be thought of. Let's face it, with positive cases increasing across the state, and many communities here in the Hudson Valley considered hot zones, it is definitely possible that we could get shut down. People obviously see what's happening, as you can see supplies disappearing from shelves.

The first time we got shut down many people lost their jobs, businesses, and some still haven't bounced back. My wife was furloughed for five months, which was difficult, but she was able to go back to work. If we get shut down again, will we be lucky enough that she keeps her job. Will I keep my job? There are so many questions that run through your mind.

I live in Ulster County, and numbers are increasing here, and just today we received a notice from the county stating that if numbers continue to rise the way they are, schools will most likely have more restrictions, meaning remote learning. Schools, at least in my district have decided to go fully remote the week following Thanksgiving to ensure there is no spread of COVID.

I am trying to stay hopeful that things get better and we're not forced to endure another shutdown, but it's becoming more and more difficult. For everybody's mental health, we have to work together to end this. Following the guidelines, wearing a mask, social distancing, will work if you make an effort.

I for one, can't handle another shutdown, and I don't think anybody wants to go through it again. Be smart, stay safe, and stay positive.

These Parts of New York Are Shutting Down Over New COVID-19 Rules