A race against the clock came down to a matter of seconds in Hamilton County, NY when Forest Rangers rushed to rescue a missing man from a burning cabin. Ranger Quinn describes how an initial missing persons search turned into a life-and-death scenario for everyone involved.

Missing Hudson, NY Man

On October 31st, Forest Rangers from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) were asked to assist New York State Police (NYSP) in locating a missing Hudson, NY man. Late in returning from a hunting trip, the 25-year-old's family reported that he may be suicidal.


Reported Fire Leads to Discovery

After reports of a fire near the location of the missing man's car, rangers and police found a cabin almost completely engulfed in flames. Inside, they found the missing man unconscious - but alive - on the cabin's floor. Ranger Quinn shared how important the first few moments of the rescue were.

Ranger Quinn was first on the scene (NYS DEC)
Ranger Quinn was first on the scene (NYS DEC)

Perfect Timing for a Rescue

"I was able to get low [below the smoke] and roll him away... I didn't even think of who [the person] was, I just knew it was a person that needed to be out of the building... 30 more seconds... and we wouldn't have been able to get that door open". During the rescue, another ranger noticed something potentially more dangerous than the burning building: a propane tank attached to the house outside.

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"Lieutenant Kerr observed there was a propane tank on the building... [we] ripped that off the building and hauled that away so it wouldn't become a bomb", ranger Quinn reported. The house was destroyed in the fire and the rescued man is has been charged with both burglary and arson.

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