With Halloween not that far off, many businesses are getting into the spirit of the holiday. One major fast food chain has announced a new addition to their menus, that's coming to restaurants in the Hudson Valley and nationwide. It's sort of a new take on an old favorite, but it may be a little hot for some to handle.

Ever checked out some of those ghost pepper challenge videos on YouTube?

Ghostly Whopper

Thrillist is reporting that Burger King has unveiled the Ghost Pepper Whopper. The food website describes this new item as a "flame-grilled Whopper patty, topped with Ghost Pepper cheese, spicy queso sauce, crispy jalapeños, and some bacon." The new Whoppers will also be served on fall-themed orange buns.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper will be released everywhere October 13.

Where's the Beef?

Sometimes people have been known to lie about size. In this case, it has to do with the size of the meat. Fast food giant Burger King is reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit after consumers claim the chain basically bragged about the size of their Whopper, but didn't fully deliver the results. The suit touches upon the nation's current high inflation, and the pressures on consumers' budgets. All this over some damn hamburgers?


CBS says that the plaintiffs are claiming that Burger King made their Whoppers look approximately 35% bigger in its advertising than it is in reality. The suit says that the consumers are seeking monetary damages for anyone who was "deceived" by Burger King's advertising.

The lawsuit goes on to say that Burger King "materially overstate(s) the size of its burgers" in advertisements going back to 2017.  But while the images of the Whopper may have grown bigger through the years, the "recipe or the amount of beef or ingredients contained in Burger King's Whopper has never changed," the lawsuit claims.

The suit claims that the fast food chain also overstated the size of other menu items as well.


Ulf Wittrock
Ulf Wittrock

Hudson Valley Residents Not Having it Your Way?

For those who have frequented Burger King locations across the Hudson Valley over the years, have you noticed by chance that their portions have been shrinking? if so, do you feel that the restaurant has been ripping you off and that you're not getting your money's worth?

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