Better get those winter clothes out.

Even though the first day of winter is technically December 21st, it sure does feel like it here in the Hudson Valley. Last week of course, we got slammed by an early November snow storm with parts of the Hudson Valley seeing more than a foot of snow.

It's not unheard of, but it sure wasn't expected.

It's looking like the winter weather is not holding back for the holiday. You'll be colder than a frozen turkey on Thanksgiving. The National Weather service is reporting that New York can see their coldest Thanksgiving since 1901. While Albany could break a record that was set in 1874. The cause of the cold, they explain is  "A strong area of high pressure from the Arctic Circle will descend southward across Canada and into the Northeast, sending temperatures plummeting toward levels you might expect on New Year's Day, not Thanksgiving Day."

The forecast is calling for a high in New York City of 26 and Albany

While the National Weather Service is only reporting information about New York City and Albany when it comes to record breaking numbers they add "Daily record lows for Nov. 22 (Thursday) or Nov. 23 (Friday) will likely be broken from parts of New York state and Pennsylvania into New England."

Hudson Valley Weather is reporting that the Hudson Valley could see a high of 23 degrees and a low near 8.