This week's beer is one that's near and dear to my heart... quite frankly because I'm drinking it as I'm typing this right now. Captain Lawrence Freshchester Pale Ale is one of my favorite Pale Ales and right now, as usual, it's occupying tap #2 on my home kegerator system.

There's lots to love about this beer.  First of all, it's local and fresh.  Captain Lawrence is located right down the river in Elmsford.  Every keg I've ever gotten has been brewed just weeks, if not days prior to me tapping it at home.  Secondly, it's simply a great pale ale.  The reason I have this on tap year round is because it's such a great session beer.  There's lots of flavor and body, but it's light enough to enjoy a few pints with friends or over dinner with the family.  Plus, it's only 5.5% abv, so you can have a couple on a school night without ruining your week.

Freshchester Pale Ale isn't an IPA, it's an American Pale Ale.  The difference is very distinct between the two styles.  An IPA has cranked up hops and alcohol content, an American Pale Ale dials back both of those profiles and relies a little more on the malt balancing with more citrus and fruity American hops.  This creates a great tasting ale when you're not necessarially in the mood for in-your-face bitterness.

Pick up a growler or two to share with friends this week and save 50% at Half Time in Poughkeepsie.  Let me know how you like it in the comments section below!