Almost every parent has nightmares about something happening to one of their children. While we all hope that nothing does happen, there are times when there are products (that as parents, we thought were safe) that have been brought into the home, that are seemingly innocent, and turn out to not be.

Here is another one of those products; a children's book that you might have bought, or that might have been given to your children, has now been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

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Where was the children's book sold that is being recalled by the CPSC sold? canva canva

The book was from Scholastic book company and was sold at bookstores across the United States, including Barnes and Noble, along with specialty retailers including Home Goods, and online stores like and

What is the name of the children's book that is being recalled? canva canva

The name of the book is Shake Look Touch books by Scholastic and it has pom poms that are attached to the book. The reason that the book is being recalled is those pom-poms. They can detach from the book and cause a potential choking hazard for children.

What can you do if you currently own the book? Who can you contact?

If you have the book, get a pair of scissors and cut the pom poms off the book. This is the suggested remedy from the CPSC. Also, if you do make 'this repair' you are entitled to a $10 refund, but registering at the Scholastic site, and uploading pictures as proof that you have completed the repair.

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