Parents around New York are worried about the rise in Covid cases, especially within schools. A number of districts have had to turn to remote learning due to staffing shortages and increased number of student cases. The New York State website issued their Covid-19 Report Card, which displays the positive test rates in New York by region. There, you can see the rate in students and staff within public, private, and charter schools. In regards to the data, the New York State website issued this:

To keep parents, students, teachers & staff, and the public fully informed, New York State’s COVID Report Card dashboard reports two distinct data sets:

  1. Lab Reported COVID Data for the School District: All COVID-19 positive or negative test results for New York State residents 5-17 years old are reported by laboratories to the Department of Health. This data is matched to the school district within which an individual lives. This data reflects the number of COVID-19 tests and test results for students living in a school district. Note: Individuals 5-17 years old may attend a private or charter school in a neighboring district. Verification measures are in place to prevent duplicate reporting of lab results.
  2. School District Reported COVID Data: Every school district is required to report COVID-19 test results for students enrolled in a school district, teachers, and staff to the NYSDOH daily. Schools acquire this information from the parent/guardian of a student, teachers, and staff, or the local health department as a part of the state’s contact tracing effort. Verification measures are in place to prevent duplicate reporting of school survey results.

We organized some of the data here for you to see clearly understand where each region ranks among positivity rates here in New York.

Positive Covid Cases in New York Schools by Region

This data was updated on January 12, 2022, based on lab reporting since September 13th, 2021. For more information, visit the Covid-19 Report Card: Positive Tests by Region.

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