The Delaware County Public Health Services is reporting that a bobcat near the town of Tompkins has tested positive for rabies.

The results were confirmed Thursday after the bobcat was sent to the NY State Rabies Laboratory for testing.

Fortunately, there was no human exposure, according to WBNG.

A dog that was exposed to the bobcat has been immunized.

This is the second report of a rabid bobcat in the region. A bobcat attacked a husband and wife who were visiting friends in New Scotland, New York on Wednesday.

The woman was playing with the homeowner's dog in the yard when the bobcat suddenly came out of no where and bit her multiple times. When the husband tried to intervene, he was also attacked. The homeowner then came outside and shot the animal.

The couple were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Both were treated for rabies, according to CBS Albany.

The Department of Environmental Conservation said that bobcats are certainly not rare in this area, though attacks like this are. Most bobcats are reclusive animals who tend to avoid humans and developed areas.