It's always the smallest business with the biggest fight in them.

We all know it's been a tough year for small businesses throughout the Hudson Valley. Even though, pandemic-wise, things seem to be loosening up a little bit businesses are still struggling to get back on their feet.

There are well over 25 local Hudson Valley businesses that had to close up shop because they couldn't get back up on their feet after the initial lockdown.

If we could avoid that from happening, I'm sure as a community we would do what we could to keep some of our favorites open, right?

That's what Beacon residents are working on currently, for one of the best pizza places in town.

Rumors started swirling late last week in the Beacon Facebook group that Rosie's Pizzaria would be closing their doors for good. If you lived in Beacon, you've probably enjoyed a slice or two from Rosie's. The sauce and the perfectly cooked dough make for some of the best pizza around town.

The Beacon community worked fast and got a GoFundMe page up and running. Dave Yacoub and Deran Soovajian created the GoFundMe page and shared why they created the account:

[We] created a GoFund me page to support our favorite Pizzeria- Rosie's and Ram, the owner. We want to help our neighbor and friend who is sadly closing his doors. If you want to support Ram please consider contributing to the fundraiser. Have a wonderful day! NOTE: 100% money raised will be used to support Ram and his wife during this difficult time.

As of Friday, March 12th the GoFundMe page has raised $1,215 out of the $10,000 they need.

If you're interested in helping a beloved Hudson Valley business keep its doors open and keep its delicious pizza on our menu, you can donate by visiting the GoFundMe page. 

Better yet, order yourself and your family some pizza this weekend, give them a call at 845 202-7722 or check out Rosie's Pizzeria at 441 Fishkill Ave in Beacon.

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