A brewery that kicked off a revolution in Beacon, New York has decided to sell the business.

Before Beacon became the bustling tourist destination that it is today, Michael O’Herron was already drawing a crowd at his small brewery.

The brewer started his journey in Colorado, working at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder. After discovering his love of the outdoors and brewing beer, O'Herron came back to the Hudson Valley determined to find a place where he could make and serve his beer in the type of setting he found in Colorado.

Win Morrison Realty
Win Morrison Realty

In September of 2014, O'Herron opened up his small brewery in Beacon. Inspired by the nearby Hudson River, he named the business Two Way Brewing after the bi-directional tides that technically classify the Hudson as an estuary.

We spoke with O'Herron just after the opening about his unique saison named Confusion. The beer is brewed with a yeast O'Herron found growing on a black raspberry on his family's farm in Newburgh.

Why is Two Way Brewing Being Sold?

According to O'Herron, the decision to sell "was a tough one". The brewer explains that while owning a brewery has always been his dream, he now has new dreams. Since opening in 2014, O'Herron has started a family. He says that the challenges of running the brewery have pulled him away from precious time with his family.

Now I want more time to be able to enjoy time with my kids while they're young... What I'm hoping to do now is figure out how to live at a slower pace while working a job that allows me some time off.

Win Morrison Realty
Win Morrison Realty

O'Herron started an engineering job in 2021. Working a new job, brewing beer on the weekends and running the business has led O'Herron to the realization that Two Way Brewing needs more attention than he's able to give it. He now hopes to find someone who can "love it, enjoy it and take care of it" like he used to.

Business Listed For Sale

The brewery is now listed with Win Morrison Realty for $450,000. The price includes the 3,675-square-foot brewery business. According to the listing, the business has been on the market since last year but is now just being made public.

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