Two Saugerties arrests were reported this weekend. And, because they happened in Saugerties you already know they're probably not your normal arrests.

First, on Saturday Juan R. Vincent was arrested after he reportedly pointed a gun at someone's head during a domestic dispute. According to police, it turns out the gun was actually a BB gun. The 21-year-old was charged with Menacing in the Third Degree, a misdemeanor. The man was released and the complainant was given an order of protection against him.

The second arrest happened on Sunday when police say they saw a truck displaying unauthorized blue lights. After making a left turn without signaling, police say they pulled over the vehicle and questioned the driver who identified himself as Chris Malloy. After further investigation, officers say they discovered the driver was actually Chris' brother, Peter. Peter Malloy has a previous arrest due to DWI, and is not allowed to be driving vehicles without an Interlock Ignition Device installed in them.

Malloy was charged with Criminal Impersonation in the second degree; Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle in the second degree; Operating a Motor Vehicle without an Ignition Interlock Device, Failure to Use Directional Signal and unauthorized Display of Blue Lights. He was released and will is scheduled to return to court to answer to the charges.