I was spending the morning at Bowdoin Park with my son when I spotted a huge bird flying above.  Before I knew it, a pack of amateur photographers had swarmed the park with long lenses snapping pictures.  It just so happened that we had stumbled across a bald eagle sighting!

Later in the morning I returned to the park with my camera and took a few pictures myself.

A Boris
A. Boris

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, spotting bald eagles in our area used to be extremely uncommon.  However, since conservation efforts have been made to protect the bald eagle, they can now be seen quite often up and down the Hudson River.  In 1997 the first bald eagle in over 100 years was born in the Hudson Valley.  In 2005 there were 18 eaglets born. Today, even more bald eagles call our area home.

Many people don't recognize the younger eagles because they have not yet developed the trademark white head and tail.  You can always tell a bald eagle from other birds of prey by its trademark 'V" wing pattern while in flight.  If you see a bald eagle, send us a picture with information on where it was spotted and permission to post it on our site, we'd love to share it with our listeners!