One New York state resident apparently didn't learn his lesson, as police say he managed to get himself arrested twice in only six hours. State police say the suspect is now facing multiple charges, including Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

New York's 2019 Bail Reform has proven to be a controversial subject, as its opponents point to stories like this as an example. Those against it say it allows repeat offenders to be released only to commit the same crimes again, sometimes within hours of their release.

Police also bring up the challenges that departments and communities across New York State are facing, not only due to bail reform but the lack of mental health care.

New York State Man Arrested Twice in Six Hours 

The New York State Police said in a press release that troopers responded to the parking lot of a business in Bolton, NY, a little after 8 PM July 11. officials say they received a report of an individual causing damage to a vehicle. The investigation determined that a 45-year-old man from Lake George intentionally caused damage to a vehicle not belonging to him at the location.


State police arrested the suspect and transported him for processing. He was issued an appearance ticket and released.

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But just a little after 11 PM the same night, police say he was right back at it again. Troopers say responded to the very same business for the report of a man threatening another with a knife. The investigation determined the same guy from before reportedly brandished a knife and threatened to harm the victim.

No one was injured during the incident. State police say the suspect had fled the area before law enforcement’s arrival.

The suspect was later located at his home after midnight and arrested again.

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