Parents went through the roof after video of their children's bus driver using a cellphone was posted on Facebook.

The videos were apparently taken by one of the students who decided to document the unsafe driving habits of their bus driver. The footage shows the female driver with one hand on the wheel and the other hand on her phone. To make matters worse, the bus driver was texting with an old fashioned flip phone.

Anyone who remembers the days of texting with a flip phone knows that it's not an easy feat. Tapping each digit several times to get the desired character to pop up takes lots of concentration. It's something that is almost impossible to do while safely driving students in a large school bus.

At one point in the video the driver reaches for her glasses to get a better look at the phone, taking both hands off of the wheel. This would clearly be a case of distracted driving for someone driving their own vehicle, but the fact that she's responsible for the safety of a busload of school children makes this video even more shocking.

The video was reportedly taken on a bus in the Vernon school district. According Facebook user Aimee Sisco, who uploaded the video, the township and school district are investigating the incident.