The holiday shopping season pandemic style is officially underway. Are you hitting the stores this weekend?

Let me start off by saying that I have never been a fan of Black Friday. I think it's silly, dealing with crowds of people, sleeping outside on a sidewalk, getting trampled, literally nothing sounds good about it. Even getting a great deal on a television or computer is not worth dealing with all the nonsense.

For years, people rush through their meals on Thanksgiving just so they can go wait in line outside a store in the cold with other people who rather stand there than be in their nice warm houses with their families.

This year, however, is different, as we are in the middle of a pandemic with numbers rising once again in our area. Most stores have been offering Black Friday deals early this year to keep traffic down in their stores. Some stores have limited the number of people allowed in the stores as well.

Even though there's a pandemic, are you still going to head out and try to get a great deal on a certain item? I literally want nop part of Black Friday, but I have a feeling that I will end up going out this year, as we are in need of an artificial Christmas tree this year. We're over the needles and other nonsense involved with having a real tree, so we need a get a good deal on a fake one.

So while I want to sit home all day and do nothing, I don't think that is in the cards this year. Are there any items you absolutely need to run out and get this Black Friday?

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