After claiming movie theaters were one of the lesser essential businesses, Governor Andrew Cuomo might be having a change of heart. In an interview Wednesday with WAMC, Cuomo said "Movie theaters I think are next". Cases of COVID-19 have remained down across New York state, even months after the reopening process began. This means you might be back at your favorite indoor theater pretty soon.

Indoor air conditioned spaces found in movie theaters have been a concern of Cuomo's. So much so, that places like theaters, gyms, and non-tribal casinos remained closed even after Phase 4 reopening. But with Cuomo's announcement about gyms reopening Monday, theaters can't be far behind.

Of course, there will be changes once the theaters start to reopen. Less capacity, people spread further apart, and one way walking directions are all some of the expected changes you can expect.

Will you return to the theaters if they reopen soon? More on this story as details develop.

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