We're getting to that awesome time of year where we get to spend so much time in our yards to beautify them. Am I the only one excited to get out there and get my hands dirty?

I grew up in a time where on the weekends I mowed lawns for some pocket money to go but sports cards, and other things a younger version of myself thought was cool at the time. That love for yard work and making a lawn look great has carried with me over the years, and when the weather starts to get warm I get that itch to get outside.

Every year I try to do something different, whether it's building a little fence to border my garden, or trying to make a fairy house for my daughters, I can spend hours outside mowing, trimming, and building. This year, I plan on building my fire pit up a little, and adding some more to it, and seriously build a little fairy house for my daughters, among other things.

Last year, I attempted to grow corn and it actually worked. So, this year we'll try something different, which means, I'll take the kids with me and let them pick out what they want to attempt to grow. Let's just hope our groundhog doesn't eat what we try to grow. Obviously, I have a bunch of plans this Spring and Summer, what about you? Are you the type of person that is eager to get there and start working, or are you calling a landscaper?

My Corn Growing Journey

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