We're looking for the owner of a half eaten tube of cookie dough. Have you seen the them?

On this week's episode of 'Parking Lot Treasures', Smitty discovers quite a treat in the radio station parking lot. A treat that leaves you with one question, got milk?

Upon returning from lunch, on my way back into the building I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Looking over to the right was what looked like a tube of cookie dough. There's no way it would be cookie dough, I mean who the hell drops a tube of cookie dough in a radio station parking lot?

Well, it was in fact a half eaten tube of cookie dough. For starters, they wasted way too much of that sweet delicious cookie dough. You could have gotten at least 24 decent sized cookies out of that thing.

I'll ignore the fact that you were eating the thing like a barbarian, but who buys it to only take two or three bites, and be like "eh I'm stuffed"...Such a waste.

So, if the owner could finish their joint and come on over and pick-up the cookie dough, that'd be great. Thanks.