Pets bring us more joy than we could ever measure, but adopting a pet is not always cheap. In addition to all the things you'll need once you get your pet home, the adoption fees can be pretty pricey. Here's a chance for you to adopt a new best friend for only $25. Now, that's a deal.

What can owning a pet mean to you? Sure, it's a little more work, but the unconditional love a pet gives is well worth it. They say owning a pet can make you healthier. Petting a cat or dog has actually been known to lower one's blood pressure. And if you have a dog, you automatically have a walking partner, and what's more healthy than walking? Now is the perfect time to adopt a pet and if you can do it at a great price, why not?

It's the "Empty the Shelters" event at the Ulster County SPCA in Kingston Oct. 1 - Oct. 4. Adopt a shelter animal from the Ulster County SPCA for a reduced fee of only $25, thanks to the BISSELL Pet Foundation. Find your next best friend at the Ulster County SPCA for an incredibly low price.

All applications for Empty the Shelters are virtual through an online adoption process, and the reduced fee affects adoptions approved and finalized on Oct 1 - Oct 4, not those submitted on these dates. To see the animals available for adoption, or if you'd like to make a donation, visit the Ulster County SPCA website. You can also get more information on the Empty the Shelters event facebook page.



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