The coronavirus pandemic has turned everybody's world upside down, and we're all faced with adapting to a new temporary way of life.

As the first seven days home with the kids is nearing and day four of cabin fever takes over, I sit here and wonder how long things will continue this way. The kids are restless and I can't blame them, their school year cut short, no contact with their friends, I get it.

As a parent, you always wish you had more time with your kids, and now we do. I did three puzzles with my 6-year old today. It might seem like a small thing, but during normal circumstances, there's never enough time for that after dinner.

Adjusting to this new way of operating, is interesting. So interesting, that I'm a teacher now. Yup, called it.

All humor aside, I have even more appreciation for teachers after this first week, because I can't get these kids to focus. But, Learning with them is pretty cool, mostly because it helps me understand common core math a little better.

Stay positive during this time, as hard as it might seem. Years from now, you want your kids to look back on the crazy coronavirus in 2020, and remember how much fun they had with you. Not, how negative everybody was acting, with an addiction to toilet paper.

So, build that fort, play hide and seek, cheat at Monopoly, have a movie night, whatever you want. The most important thing is to just make memories. Cherish this extra time with your kids.

Then, when they fall asleep treat yourself to a cocktail. You deserve it!




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