Does this actress look familiar to you? If so, there could be a good reason for that.

Did you ever watch a movie and find one of the actors to be really familiar but you just couldn't place where you knew them from? That's what happened to me and my wife while we were watching In The Heights on HBO Max.

The film is an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning musical by Lin Manuel Miranda and features a talented cast of singers and dancers. The actor that caught our attention, however, was one that did no singing or dancing and only appeared on the screen for a brief moment.

In the film, the character Vanessa is looking to rent property downtown and kickstart her career as a fashion designer. When she goes to see the space she's greeted by a realtor that looks awfully familiar. It turns out that the role of the realtor is portrayed by Susan Pourfar. The actress was born right here in the Hudson Valley and has appeared in several big television series.

According to IMDB, Pourfar grew up right here in Goshen. Pourfar's father, Mohamad, is from Tehran, Iran while her mother, Jane, is from Brooklyn. It's unclear when the actress moved out of the area, but she studied at Brown University before she began her acting career in New York City. Those who live in Orange County could possibly know the actress on a personal level, but most likely you'll recognize her from one of her other appearances in some high-profile projects.

Here are just a few of the roles played by the Goshen-born actress that you may recognize her from.

Actress Susan Pourfar From Goshen, NY

Susan Pourfar, who was born in Goshen, New York, has been in several blockbuster projects through the years. Perhaps that's why she may seem very familiar to Hudson Valley fans.

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