According to the latest numbers from the US Census Bureau, Sullivan County experienced the largest population drop of any county in New York state.

The data was collected using information from July 1, 2014 to July 1, 2015. In that time, Sullivan has lost 1.18 percent of its population.

Joe Czajka, senior vice president at Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress said that the obvious factors such as a lack of high paying jobs and increased taxes seem to be valid reasons for people moving away.

Another potential factor for people leaving is Sullivan's low health rating according to the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. Sullivan County recently ranked as the second least healthy county in the state.

Ulster County also saw a decrease within the past year, losing 0.36 percent of the its population.

Not all of the state's population decreases were local though, as just fourteen of New York's sixty two counties posted population gains.

Orange County, however, saw an increase, as the county added 1,653 residents from 2014-15, or 0.44 percent, the seventh-largest gain in the state.

Most people seem to be moving to New York City and the lower Hudson Valley, as four of the city's boroughs made up the top six in the state. Bronx County led New York with a 0.95 percent gain in the past year. The other two were Rockland and Saratoga counties.