The highly anticipated release of Metallica's newest album 72 Seasons is finally here! Fans have already had the chance to hear their newest singles from the album like "Lux Æterna," Screaming Suicide," and "If Darkness Had a Son," but with 12 whole sings making up this new album, there is still much to hear!

To celebrate the big release, WPDH has your chance to make the album your own.

We'll be giving away 3 digital downloads of Metallica's 72 Seasons each day from Friday, April 14th through Sunday, April 16th. That's 9 lucky winners. We're also giving away a grand prize of Metallica's 72 Seasons on vinyl!

From Friday, April 14th through Sunday, April 16th, keep an eye on your WPDH app alerts.

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We'll be sending out song titles of some of Metallica's greatest hits right to your phone. All you have to do is tap on the alert and enter the song title in the slots below.

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