A 6-year-old boy is facing a three day suspension from school for shooting a bow and arrow during recess. Thing is, the bow and arrow the boy shot was imaginary.

The Ohio boy attends Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic in Westwood, Cincinnati. Principal Joe Crachiolo was alerted to the incident after a teacher spotted the 6 year-old pretending to be a Power Ranger as he was playing outside with friends.

Now, the boy's parents are angry.

The boy's father Matthew Miele told WCPO News, "I don’t see anything wrong with the way he was playing. " Miele insists his son never had any disciplinary issues, and that they don't allow him to ever be violent.

Both parents say they encourage their son to use his imagination when playing. The parents have pleaded with the school to drop the suspension but the school is not budging.



Principal Crachiolo is standing by the decision by saying that the school has no tolerance for "any real, pretend or imitated violence."

"Recently, there have been some 'games' being played during recess time. These various games have involved students pretending to ‘shoot’ other students," he wrote.

The boy's parents are considering pulling him from the school next year.

"It’s very hard for the school to convince us to keep our son there," dad Matthew added.