We ❤ Fishkill!

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we break out the "wheel O' towns" to help us pick the lucky town that we all get to celebrate for the week. Richard jumped on the air with us this week and after a big spin, the wheel landed on the town of Fishkill, so let's show a little love for everything GREAT about Fishkill.

Splashdown Beach Waterpark

If you have kids and have spent any time in the area in the summer, a must-visit is one of the best waterparks anywhere!! Splashdown located right off route 9 in Fishkill is the best place to cool down on a hot summer day. If you've never been, they have a ton of fun and exciting water slides, half pipes, and more! If you ever go, you must try the wave pool!! So much fun.

Dinner & A Show....No More?

Vinny texted us that, "Clove Creek dinner theater in the Westage Business center in Fishkill is a nice place to take in dinner & a Broadway show." We've heard that Clove Creek was a fun place, and after looking them up online, it looks like they have permanently closed.

Like Bagels?

When I lived in Fishkill back in the day, every Sunday a stop at The Bagel Shoppe at 986 Main St, Fishkill, was a must do. Joe and the bagel team make some of the best bagels anywhere. If you ever go, make sure you try their pumpernickel bagels...SO GOOD!

Only Cracker Barrel in the Hudson Valley

Bill from Mahopac called us to let us know that his must stop in Fishkill is Cracker Barrel, located at 4 Merritt Blvd. I had no idea that the outside of the location in Milford, Connecticut (30 Research Dr, Milford, CT) that the Fishkill location is the only one near us. If you've never been, Cracker Barrel has some amazing comfort food. Bill suggested we try their breakfast choices, any order must include, grits and hash browns according to Bill...LOL!

So Much History

One of Hudson Valley historians....LOL, Bill from Washingtonville texted us, "If you are into history, Fishkill was the site of the 'Fishkill Supply Depot' during the Revolutionary War, from 1775 to 1783. It was a major encampment and the main Supply depot for the northern segments of the Continental Army. It covered several square miles, the nucleus of which was where present-day I-84 intersects with Rt 9, which was then the Albany Post Rd. The still-standing VanWyck house was the headquarters of the operation. Today it is the home of the Fishkill Historical Society. A portion of the property, which is presently under the threat of development, is the site of an unmarked cemetery, believed to contain Rev War graves, possibly soldier burials."

Best Haircuts Anywhere

If your a guy that's looking for a great haircut, look no further than In The Cut Barbershop right on Main St Fishkill. I've been getting my hair cut with Rob at In the Cut for many years. I even bring my son Jackson there every month for a cut. Rob is really the best.

What else should we know about Fishkill, New York? Call or text us through the Wolf Country App.

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