Football is back in full swing, and you'll be sitting in the bleachers cheering your kids on next to all the other parents. Here are the different parents you'll encounter.

Bust out your best butt-pad, we're sitting in the bleachers! Ah yes, football season is here, and since my daughter is a cheerleader, I find myself at the field every weekend cheering for the kids.

There are many types of parents among you in the bleachers. Here are a few you may encounter.


  • 1

    Team Mom

    The 'Team Mom' is a crucial part of any team. She has the rosters, she's directing the waterboys/girls, she's the coach's go-to when an issue arises. You need a team mom

  • 2

    Parents Who Bring the Divorce Drama to the Game

    Usually not hard to pick up on which parents are going through a rough breakup, as they'll probably bring attention to themselves. They may argue over why their son ate breakfast on the way to game, as he pukes on the sidelines. The possibilities are endless.

  • 3

    Video Camera Parents

    You'll find them at every game, tripod in hand, ready to document little Timmy's first touchdown. I mean, why wouldn't you want to playback that moment you were yelling at your kid from the stands.

  • 4

    Loud Parents

    It's a game, you're going to cheer and clap, but do you really need to scream the whole time? Let the kid play without hearing you tell him how to play from a distance. He's 8 years old, not going for a scholarship

  • 5

    Doomsday Parents

    These are the parents that are prepared for anything. They have pop-up tents, umbrellas, extra sweaters, hand-warmers, you name it they got it. I'm waiting for one to bust out the portable grill, let's get our burger on, man.