It's been one of the rainiest Augusts in recent memory, and if your kids are home for the summer you're probably losing your mind right about now.

Keeping your kids entertained during the summer is hard enough, but what happens when you're stuck inside during a string of soggy, rainy Hudson Valley afternoons? Those trampoline places and video game arcades are ok, but can get way too crowded when the weather is bad. We've run into the rainy-day conundrum in our house, and I'm happy to report that there are actually plenty of things to do in the rain if you look hard enough.

Driving Range
Some of our local driving ranges are protected from the rain and will remain open even during a heavy downpour. The good news is that they're usually empty on a rain day, making it even easier for a little kid to pick up a club and get all of that energy out of their system. You might lose sight of your ball in the rain, but what's more fun that wacking a golf ball into the rain?

Pet Store
We don't really have an aquarium in the Hudson Valley, and any of the zoos or farms within driving distance are mostly outdoors. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun watching animals in the rain. A trip to the local pet store can get your kid up close and personal with fish, turtles, snakes, lizards, birds, mice and more. It may seem a little lame to you, but if you have a kid that's young enough. they'll have just as much fun at the pet store as they would at a fancy zoo or aquarium.

The Library
When's the last time you've been to the library? If it's been a while you should certainly plan a visit. The library is more than just a bunch of books (but really, even if it was that's still pretty awesome if you're a kid that wants to find out about anything and everything). Today's library has tons of programs for kids during the summer like music, animals, Lego competitions, storytelling and more.

Waterfalls, Swollen Streams and Creeks
It's not every day a kid gets to see the awesome power that thousands of gallons of water can unleash. Head over to that gentle stream during or right after a massive rainfall and see just how different things look. An area like the falls in the Village of Wappingers is a great place to see just how intense water can get. Savely viewing the falls from the Main Street bridge is a great way to pass the time after a big storm.

The Park
Yeah, it's raining. So what? With temperatures in the 80s, who cares about a little rain? Put on some old clothes that you don't mind throwing out and experience the park during a rainstorm. Slip down a wet slide and land in a puddle of mud, swing through the raindrops or just roll around in the wet grass. Just be sure to bring some towels for the car ride home and, of course, avoid the park if you hear thunder or if a lightning storm is in the forecast.

Do you have any more creative places to bring the kids on a rainy Hudson Valley afternoon? You can share your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.