With an arctic blast of air headed our way, you may be surprised to find out that some of coldest cities around the world will actually be warmer than the Hudson Valley.

Weather forecasters are calling for temperatures to drop to -7 on Saturday with highs only reaching the lower teens. The big concern is the windchill, though. Strong winds will actually make the temperatures feel more like a bone chilling -45 degrees. And while some may be looking forward to staying indoors and keeping warm with their Valentine, it's a little unsettling to realize just how cold it's really going to be.

In fact, some places across the globe that are famous for their cold weather will actually be warmer than the Hudson Valley this weekend.

Nome, Alaska
That's right, the polar bears and Eskimos will be warmer than us this weekend. Temperatures in the land of midnight sun will be close to zero, but not as low as the Hudson Valley will be.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Temperatures in Iceland will be downright balmy compared to our area. Saturday calls for a high of 36, which is a good 20 degrees higher than what we'll be experiencing.

Siberia, Russia
The city of Novosibirsk can reach wintertime temperatures as low as -40 during the winter months, but on Saturday you'd actually be better off there than in the Hudson Valley. This weekend calls for partly cloudy skies with daytime temperatures in the lower teens. At night, however, Siberia will only drop to 0, not the sub-zero temperatures we're expecting.

International Falls, Minnesota
Historically known as the coldest city in the continental United States, International Falls records more days below zero than any other. This weekend, though, the Hudson Valley will be even colder. Light snow will fall in Minnesota, but on Sunday temperatures will only drop to a low of 12.

Calgary, Canada
The site of the 1988 Winter Games is a much better option for outdoor activity this weekend than sticking around here. Our friends to the North will reach temperatures of 50 degrees on Saturday. The extended forecast for the Hudson Valley doesn't show us busting out of the 40s anytime soon. Just knowing that Canada will be 40 degrees warmer than we are in February is enough to send chills down our spines.

Of course, even though we'll be feeling a deep freeze doesn't mean that the Hudson Valley is actually the worst place in the world to be this weekend. The forecast for Antarctica is predicting a high temperature of -39 on Saturday, with windchills making it feel like -68.

You see? It could be much worse. Don't you feel warmer already?