Only in Buffalo, New York. A bourbon has been made inside of a National Historic Landmark, and now you can buy one of the bottles ahead of Christmas.

For 6 years, Hartman's Distilling has been making their Cotter Cask, and some of it has been aging ON the Buffalo Fire Department’s Edward M. Cotter fireboat. The Cotter, as it most time referred to by people in Buffalo, is the oldest active fireboat in the United States. The boat is active and can and will go to fires that are out on the water. It is actually a really cool sight to see and once in a while you will see firefighters training on the boat and the water spouts shooting high in the air.

Only 500 bottles are going to be made, so this may be a sweet gift for Christmas for someone. It could go right next to your Flutie Flakes and your Josh Allen cereals.

Hartman’s said only 500 bottles were produced of its Cotter’s Cask, a barrel-proof blend of a high-rye bourbon and high-wheat bourbon. The year aboard the Cotter exposed the barrels “to the incredible lake air of all four seasons and the constant agitation of being on a boat,” according to a press release from WIVB.

Where you can you buy the Cotter Cask from Hartman's?

  • The bourbon will be in some liquor stores immediately.
  • You can also buy it at Hartman’s Distilling Co. (55 Chicago St., Buffalo), but they are only going to have a certain amount available on FRIDAYS (starting this Friday) leading up to Christmas.

$13 from every sale will be donated to the Cotter Conservancy Fund. The Cotter was designated a Historical Landmark in 1996 and is used to break up ice in the river during Buffalo Winters.

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