After three separate arrests of law enforcement officers in just one week, many people in the Hudson Valley are wondering what's going on.

Police officers, first responders and other law enforcement workers have a tough enough job without having to deal with people thinking they're up to no good. Whenever a member of law enforcement winds up getting in trouble they're referred to as a "bad apple." While it's true that the large majority of our local officers are dedicated to serving the community, having three high-profile arrests happen in one week doesn't look good.

Hudson Valley police officer arrested for stalking

A nine-year police veteran was arrested in Montgomery on Monday and charged with stalking. The New York Police say that 53-year-old Kenneth Memmelaar of Goshen was taken into custody after a "series of incidents" that were reported to law enforcement.

Memmelaar has been serving for almost a decade as a part-time officer for the Town of Montgomery Police Department. The officer's LinkedIn profile lists his other jobs as a firearms instructor and armorer at Entergy.

Dutchess County Drug Task Force
Dutchess County Drug Task Force

Corrections officer arrested for smuggling

Later that week, a corrections officer was arrested by police and charged with smuggling. Police say 23-year-old Charlinea Ganzaroli tried to smuggle drugs into a state prison. She's facing three felonies including Attempted Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, Attempted Promoting Prison Contraband 3rd degree, and Official Misconduct in the 2nd degree.


Ganzaroli was the target of a narcotics investigation. According to the Dutchess County Drug Task Force Coordinator Detective Sergeant Adam D. Harris, the investigation is still ongoing.


State Police officer arrested for fraud

On Tuesday the New York State Police announced that one of their own was arrested for allegedly trying to return an old children's toy and pass it off as new. 36-year-old trooper Errol Oskay of Sackets Harbor is accused of buying a new toy at Walmart, leaving the store and replacing the box with an older, worn-out version of the same toy.

The next day Oskay allegedly returned to Walmart with the old toy in the new box and his receipt. After making the return, Walmart's asset protection team realized what happened and contacted the police. Oskay was arrested and charged with petit larceny and falsifying business records, both felonies. The New York State trooper has been suspended while an internal investigation is underway.



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