Time announced their list of the top hot dog places in America. I personally believe that 3 major Hudson Valley hot dog spots were snubbed from the list.

Thankfully, Time magazine did name one Hudson Valley hot dog spot as the 7th best hot dog spot in America. The top 5 hot dog spots, according to Time, are Chili Man in North Carolina, Wild Dogs in Arizona, International House of Hot Dogs in Alaska, Happy Dog Hot Dogs in California, and Harley's: A Hot Dog Revolution in Colorado.

These are the 3 Hudson Valley hot dog spots I think should've made the list:

Tony's Newburgh Lunch, Newburgh
If you are any bit familiar with Newburgh you know that Newburgh Lunch is the go-to spot. Get a hot dog with everything (which means sauce and onions). Even if you don't like onions, you have to get the sauce. You can thank me later. I grew up eating Newburgh Lunch so this one is #1 on my list.

Walter's Hot Dog Stand, Mamaroneck
I am genuinely surprised Walter's didn't make Time's list because they have won multiple awards. Boar's Head makes hot dogs specifically for Walter's, that aren't available anywhere else. To top it all off, they're a registered historical landmark! I'm telling you, these dogs are famous for a reason.

Pete's Hot Dogs, Newburgh
Maybe it's something in the water in Newburgh, but that city is blessed with 2 amazing hot dog spots. Pete's is a classic. You can't beat their hot dogs, you feel at home, everyone knows your name (okay not really, but if you're a regular they do!)

Did I miss any hot dog spots in the Hudson Valley? Let me know your favorite on our Facebook or in the comments below.