You'll be completely surprised by who's actually making those burgers you've been ordering online.

Mr. Beast Burger is a venture from one of YouTube's biggest stars. Mr. Beast has over 162 million subscribers from all corners of the globe and is responsible for one of the most successful ghost-kitchen operations in the country.

In December of 2020, Mr. Beast and his friends launched their own restaurant called Mr. Beast Burger. The business is run out of existing restaurants to create the menu items and get them delivered to customers. The ghost kitchen concept has taken off since then, with many celebrities and brands using established restaurants to create food branded under a different name.

A. Boris
A. Boris

There have been complaints about Mr. Beast Burger's consistency, since each time your order the food could be coming from a completely different restaurant. The hit-or-miss quality has even caused some rumors that the franchise will soon come to an end.

Here in the Hudson Valley, there are eleven restaurants secretly making food for Mr. Beast. Each one of them is very different. Customers rave about some and have warned that others are just not up to the quality they expect.

I've ordered Mr. Beast Burger on several occasions and can attest to the varying quality. While my first order was cooked perfectly, the second delivery we received was practically inedible with missing toppings and undercooked food.

So, before you order a Chandler Style burger with Beast Style fries you should probably know exactly where that food is really coming from.

11 Hudson Valley Ghost Kitchens For Mr. Beast

There are eleven restaurants in the Hudson Valley that are behind the franchise known as Mr. Beast Burger. These mysterious kitchens are responsible for preparing those burgers and fries and getting them delivered to your home under the Mr. Beast brand.

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