Styx and REO Speedwagon, hey weren't they at Bethel Woods Friday night as part of the WPDH Summer Concert?  Yes they were and if you want more from them tune in Sunday night at 10pm, plus Alice In Chains and much more on the WPDH Soundcheck.

Styx, REO, and Don Felder played Friday night at Bethel Woods and many had a good time, even with a little rain but what would a "Woodstock" experience be at Bethel Woods without one.

There has been rumor that former Styx member Dennis DeYoung would love to tour with his old band mates one more time.  We shall see but it would be awesome if he did tour, it's just that the other guys in the band still may not see "eye to eye" with Dennis. Here is what it would sound like again if he did come back.