Happy Birthday this weekend to Robert Clark Seeger, you know him as Bob.  Guess what he's on soundcheck this week along with Ozzy Osbourne and Edgar Winter.  Sunday night at 10pm on 101.5 WPDH and the WPDH app.

Bob Seger was born in Detroit, Michigan on May 6th 1945, so that would make him 72.  Just a couple of weeks ago on "Record Store Day" Jack White of "The White Stripes" released an old Bob Seger song on his record label, Third Man Records.  Bob recorded the song in 1968 when his band was called "The Bob Seger System"..  The song is called "2+2" which is an anti-vietnam song.  It was originally released on Bob's first record label, Capitol Records.  A limited edition yellow vinyl 7” was released on April 22 and the "B" side is a song called "Ivory".