When you were a kid you probably loved anything with wheels. Your hot wheels. Your bike. Your first car.

WPDH, Northside Auto Body and Golf Cars Unlimited are here to make you feel like a kid again with the WPDH Big Boy Toy Box. Inside you’ll find an over the top golf car with plow and trailer and a restored, fully detailed car.

To win, listen to Boris and Robyn at 7:30AM for the key artist of the day. We'll also send an alert through the WPDH app with the day's artist at 7:10AM. (Make sure you have The Boris & Robyn Show alerts turned on on the app.)

Anytime we play a song from that artist between 8AM and 5PM, call in to win your key that could open the WPDH Big Boy Toy Box and everything inside.

Thanks to our partners at Northside Auto Body, where perfection is no accident and Golf Cars Unlimited, the next generation of golf cars.