The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets has been charging customers during the holiday season to park their own cars in a blocked off lot.

On Saturday, December 15, 2018, I made the risky choice to go to the Woodbury Commons. I say it was a risky choice because of all the traffic, crowds, and chaos that ensues at the Commons during the holidays. Two weeks before Christmas at the Commons, am I crazy?!

When I was trying to find a parking spot, like every other person there, I noticed a section of a parking lot near the food court was blocked off. I know the Commons offers valet parking, so I assumed that's what the lot was for. But as I drove past the sign, I realized the lot was for people to pay to park their own car. They literally blocked off this enormous portion of the parking lot for people to pay to park their own car. The price? $10. Valet costs $12 at the Commons (the last I checked). You're telling me that I have to pay $2 less than valet to park my own car? In a lot that is normally free parking? WHAT A SCAM.

It really bugged me because this lot was primarily empty (because who the f*** wants to pay $10 to park their own car when valet is $12). Countless cars were circling the parking lots trying to find a spot, but the Commons used this big portion of parking spaces to make even more money.

Keep capitalism in Christmas, that's the saying, right?