Just when you think you've seen it all, you see a woman petting a bird while driving.

I wish I was making this up, but sadly I'm not. On Tuesday, July 11, I was driving in Orange County. I was stopped at a traffic light that intersected with the road leading to the Thruway/Hannaford Plaza and the Police Station when I see something I have never seen before.

A woman, in the driver seat, who was also stopped at the light, was petting a bird. Not just any bird, a cockatoo! My mind was blown. I get having a dog with you in the car, but a bird?!

Is driving around with a cockatoo in your lap the equivalent of taking your dog on a walk? Is this even legal to do? I looked up a lot of bird law (insert It's Always Sunny reference here) and couldn't find a definitive ruling. According to Pet Age, in 2013, New York did not have a rule regarding pet travels. I haven't been able to find any updated law in New York about it.

Regardless of if it's legal or not: who wants to drive with a bird on their lap?!