Parents with small kids always dread a loaded diaper. But what if it was the parent who actually loaded the diaper to begin with? Weird scenario, but this is what police say a New York state woman did when they found something they weren't expecting to find in a diaper bag. No, that white substance isn't baby powder.

New York State Police say they stopped a woman for a traffic infraction on the Thruway Tuesday near Coxsackie. NBC says police determined that the Bronx woman didn't have a valid driving license. But there was something more. According to NBC, police ended up finding over a pound of cocaine in a diaper bag that was in the vehicle, as they searched. Police say the woman was traveling with her 13-year-old, and a 7-month old children at the time. Now the woman is facing multiple charges.

People have gotten very creative where they hide their coke in recent weeks. This particular story here was from last week. CBS says that a New York man and a woman from Maine were arrested after a "significant amount" of cocaine disguised as cake was found in their vehicle. CBS says that drug agents seized more than four pounds of cocaine from their vehicle. Officials say more than two pounds of the coke was disguised as gourmet cake. Good thing that didn't end up at some kid's party, for that would have been one wild get together.

And then, you had this unlucky guy, who was allegedly hiding cocaine in a box of Lucky Charms. In October 2020, a stop on the NY State Thruway turned into an unexpected find, as police say they discovered five pounds of cocaine stored inside two separate boxes of Lucky Charms cereal in the suspect's vehicle. Guess they really are magically delicious?

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