Well, that's one way to try to get out of a bind. Guess it didn't work however. A woman from a neighboring state stands accused of not only impersonating a prosecuting attorney, but also filing bogus documents. In this case, the 33 year-old tried to have the drug possession and stalking case against her dropped from the record, according to the indictments.

She basically allegedly tried to find herself "not guilty", but now she's in even more hot water, according to officials.

The N.H. Union Leader says the Littleton, New Hampshire woman allegedly submitted bogus documents, using the court system's electronic filing service, in the cases stemming from November and December 2019. Prosecutors became suspicious though. Something just wasn't adding up.  It didn't take long for prosecutors to find that multiple documents had been filed fraudulently by this person.

So, it's very safe to say she won't be opening her own firm any time soon. Maybe she can be represented by Saul Goodman?

According to the indictment, the woman also fraudulently filed an order to waive fees in a lawsuit she brought against Hillsborough County. And to add to that, she also is accused of falsifying documents to halt guardianship proceedings involving her child. This isn't getting any better.

Scamming the system, especially in these times, may seem tempting, but it usually does not end well for the one doing the scamming. In July, a man from Long Island tried to fake his own death to avoid a sentencing.  What happened? Prosecutors say that on the death certificate, the word registry was spelled "Regsitry".

Then you have the folks who try to make their own homemade license plates. While no one wants to be stuck at the DMV, this seldom works either.

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