Liberals and conservatives are both guilty of being terribly annoying.

Scroll through the WPDH Facebook page and it won't take you long to find either an anti-Trump posting that claims the President is the worst thing to ever happen to our country or one blaming Democrats for everything that's wrong in the world.

You're both wrong.

Sports fans know that they can root for their favorite team while still disliking a member of that team for doing something stupid. But somehow that doesn't translate into politics. The daily conversation on our Facebook page is that everything "my" political party does is good and "yours" is terrible for our country.

The only problem is that you're both wrong.

I've been on the radio for 25 years in the Hudson Valley. Since my job is to say what I think, I've been labeled a "liberal" or "conservative" depending on whomever I happen to be talking about that day.

During the Bill Clinton years I discussed his many scandals and was met with hatred from liberals who thought I was ganging up with Ken Starr and the Republicans on their "witch hunt."  I was not. Clinton was wrong.

During George Bush's tumultuous reign as president there was plenty to criticize, and I did. I was called a liberal.

Believe it or not, it's possible to be happy with what Donald Trump has done to my stock portfolio while not agreeing with the way he talks about women.

When I had conversations about some of Obama's many mistakes as president; like rushing through a terrible health care bill, not handling foreign policy well and coming across as way too "elitist," I was called some terrible things by Democrats and accused of wishing our country to fail. That was far from the truth.

Today I get constant insults from listeners who call me names like "libtard" (which is terribly offensive for so many reasons) or "snowflake." Whenever I question anything Donald Trump does I'm labeled as some sort of fake newsman, or an elite member of the media working for the deep state. If I am, I have yet to receive a paycheck from the Illuminati.

The comments have gotten so insane that we've even started a feature called "Facebook Hates Boris," where we read nasty comments left for seemingly no reason. A majority of them stem from people's misconception that I'm on the "wrong side" of the political aisle.

This isn't about teams. It's about having independent thoughts.

Believe it or not, it's possible to be happy with what Donald Trump has done to my stock portfolio while not agreeing with the way he talks about women. I can think Hilary Clinton and Bill are really shady and still believe that Donald Trump's campaign was wrong to have so much contact with Russia.

This isn't about teams. It's about having independent thoughts.

One side isn't always right, and the other side isn't always wrong. But you wouldn't know that by looking any of your friends' timelines.

So the next time you get all bent out of shape because someone is criticizing someone on "your side" of the political aisle, ask yourself who's actually being one of those "sheeple" you keep complaining about; the person who has legitimate questions about both sides of the aisle, or those just defending theirs, regardless of what reality may actually be?