Are you one of the billion people on Facebook? If you are and you’re from the Hudson Valley, you may already be aware of one of the best Facebook pages ever. It’s the page for Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley. And it’s done amazing things.

The page was started back in 2012 by Hudson Valley resident Bentley Potter who, according to the Facebook page, realized the need for a social media site that reunites pets and owners after he saw some lost dog posters while driving through Woodstock. And that’s how Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley was formed.

In the years since it started, I have seen so many happy endings. In fact, I have shared posts from Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley myself and watched how the Facebook community comes together for this great cause. Even in the event of an unhappy ending, the pet owner still gets closure and the compassion of thousands of Facebook users who banded together to help.

If you’re not familiar with Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley, check out their Facebook page or their website. Check out the posts and photos of pets that have been reunited with their owners. And if you’re feeling generous, maybe even make a donation. Kudos to Bentley and the gang at Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley.