Winter is here, whether you like it or not.

Since it's officially winter, when are we going to get some real snow? Besides that one storm that surprised the region (even though it was forecasted?) back in November 2018, it's been mild. And I mean snow, not snow.  The heavy stuff, the stuff that causes schools to close the day before it even hits.

According to New York Upstate, they aren't really predicting much snow for Syracuse in January. If you don't know, Syracuse is America's snowiest large city. So if Syracuse isn't expected to get much snow in January, it's likely we won't either.

The reason Syracuse isn't predicted to get much snow in January 2019, and we likely won't either, is because the polar jet stream has split up. According to New York Upstate, the polar jet stream split off into a northern and southern branch. The southern branch is bringing up more rain from the southeast, but the northern branch is blocking cold air from Canada.

So if you hate the winter, congratulations, January shouldn't be too brutal. You'll have to check back in February.