As we get further into fall, you may not be thinking about setting your thermostat that low at night for much longer. But with the above average temperatures the past month, plus other factors; such as being on the second or third floor, or maybe even having a partner who takes up most of the bed...sometimes it can get a bit stuffy in your room as you try to sleep.

This may not be an issue for some who like it a bit warm as they sleep, but for others, it can lead to restless sleep and insomnia.

But if you're one of those people who needs it cool for a good night's sleep, you may be happy to know that science is on your side.

CNET explains that as you get tired, your body temperature begins to drop as you enter into REM sleep.

A warm room prevents your body from reaching its optimal sleep temperature, causing a restless night sleep and even insomnia.

So according to science, what's the magic number(s) to set the thermostat? 60 to 67 F degrees for adults, and 65 to 70 F degrees for babies and small children.

Of course, one big concern keeping your thermostat this low every night for almost half the year would be the electric bill. This is where a strong fan or simply opening a window would come in handy.