Comedian Marc Price, better known as "Skippy" from Family Ties is dishing the dirt on his former fellow cast members. But that's just part of what you can expect to hear about when talking to the former child actor, who's now touring the country with his comedy act.

Price actually started his career in comedy, performing with his father in Sullivan County. As a "borscht belt" comedian, Price's father included him as part of the act. That on-the-job experience helped the young actor hone his skills land land the role of Skippy on Family Ties.

We were curious if Price still keeps in touch with his former cast mates. He was kind enough to get us up to speed on what they're doing now:

Interestingly enough, Price hasn't been back to the Hudson Valley in over 20 years. The last time he was here was to do standup at a small comedy club in Middletown. That was a long time before the Boris and Robyn Show existed, but Price did have the honor of being a guest on the very first week of the Boris Show way back in 1995.

Of course, we had to mark the occasion with a photo.

Marc Price will be performing Friday night at Joker's in Chester. The doors open at 8pm and limited tickets are still available.