I managed to find my way up onto my roof this weekend, and I learned a few things.

The Christmas season is here. Gifts need to be purchased and decorating needs to be completed. I decided to get the Christmas decorations done on the outside of the house this weekend. Every year I add more lights, maybe another inflatable, making the display bigger each year.

My plan this year was to add more lights and outline the house rather than just putting lights along the gutter. The first problem with completing my plan is that I don't have a proper ladder to get myself up onto the roof. I used a step ladder and since I'm tall, I was able to go to the top of the ladder and hop onto the roof, not the safest way, but hey, it worked.

Honestly, I didn't have much experience on a roof, so I proceeded with caution. After learning that I need a better ladder, I soon learned that at some point I really need to clean my gutters out, geez, they need some attention. Anyway, back to the task at hand, putting lights on the roof. I was using clips to hold the lights in place and in a few spots some small tack nails.

While working up on the roof, I learned the importance of a tool belt. I had a hammer, nails, lights, and clips to hold onto while trying not to slide off the roof. Maybe Santa will bring me a toolbelt since I've been such a good boy this year. According to my wife, I need better shoes as well if I plan on going up on the roof again. My theory is if my Nikes give me a grip on a basketball court, why not a roof?

I got the lights up and they look great, and I didn't hurt myself, what a relief. It's a great feeling when you look at the work you did and you're proud of it. Now I just have to hope I get a better ladder before I have to take the lights down.

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