Personalized license plates have become a popular trend. But some states may be a little more stingy than others when it comes to what they approve and don't approve of for your plates.

The state of Maine was once considered the "wild, wild west of vanity license plates", where you could get away with just about anythingbut a law passed there in 2021 has curtailed some of that of freedom. So, what about the state of New York?

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PIX 11 says that New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles rejected more than 1,800 requests for personalized license plates in 2022.

New York State DMV Restrictions 

New York's DMV has quite a few restrictions when it comes to personalized plates. Everything from what may considered "obscene, profane, vulgar, repulsive, depraved, or lewd", or what may "refer to a sexual or intimate body part", to what may reference "eliminatory or other bodily functions." are apparently a no-go.

A spokesperson from the DMV reiterated the agency's protocol, saying “We reject approximately 1,500-2,000 of these requests per year.”

But what exactly are some of the personalized requests that are getting shot down?

See the DMV's Full List of Rejects HERE.

Some of the better ones include those trying to get around the censors; like B1TTCH, PHAKUE, or BNGBUS, How about BQQBIES? References to popular websites, such as ONLYYFAN were a no go. Popular brands like WHTECLAWMETAVRSE, and VELVEETA got shot down.

Nicknames lie JOSHYPOO and MIKO also got shot down. References to bodily functions like POOPCOOP and POOOOOH are frowned upon too.

FATBASTR was a no. You get the picture.

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Horribly Drawn Registration Stickers

Back in August, police say a 30-year-old New York state man tried to trick officials by drawing his own state inspection sticker for his vehicle. One of the big problems with this fake sticker is that a 3rd grader probably could have done a better job.

If he was going to try to get around the system, you'd think he would have put a little more effort into it.

You Have to Be Kidding

The Times Union says the man was pulled over for an unspecified reason early Tuesday morning when troopers quickly spotted the nearly incomprehensible mess he had strewn together for this alleged forged sticker. From its appearance, the fake inspection looks like it was drawn up with Magic Marker on a Post-it note.


The writing is so poorly scribbled onto the note paper that it either looks like he ran out of space and/or misspelled some words entirely.

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