A husband and wife claim they spotted the fabled Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) recently while four-wheeling in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey on April 7.

Fox 5 NY says that the couple claims they saw the creature leap across the road in their rear view mirror...

Whatever this was had, literally, leaped across the entire road. It was about six feet tall. Like a light colored hair, like a deer, but I’m like it certainly wasn’t a deer because it had its legs splayed and it almost looked like a ballerina leaping across the road,

Eric Spinner immediately, a representative for the National Bigfoot Field Research Organization says he finds the couple's claim quite credible.

When you think of Bigfoot sighting, you may think of somewhere out west like Washington or Oregon. But CBS NY says that our neighbor's one state over have experienced almost 70 sightings in the past forty years.

New York state has had its share of supposed sightings as well. The BFRO website says that the most recent sighting came from a couple out boating on Lake George in 2015.

According to the site, a bow hunter with binoculars observed a tall Bigfoot with a smaller one near Amenia in November 2013.