The food truck craze continues to blow up all over the country, and like many food and drink trends, New York state is at or near the top of the list.

Food trucks make the whole dining experience a little more convenient. You can order your food at the counter, which is then cooked right there in front of you. You don't have to wait on slow waiters or deal with a restaurant full of loud, obnoxious people.

Of course, when you start to talk about "who's the best", then opinions are always going to be divided. Taste is always subjective.

However, if you're looking where to start locally, has helped make it a little easier. The website recently compiled Yelp's best reviews for upstate New York's food trucks, and ranked them.

According to the reviews, Big Kev's Big BBQ in White Lake came in a number one. According to their website, Big Kev's offers on site service, as well as catering, and pick up/delivery. The Sullivan County business generally opens in the beginning of May, and closes by around Thanksgiving.

One Yelp reviewer said it was the most amazing barbecue in the area. This would be perfect to hit up next time you're heading to Bethel Woods.

Coming in at #5 on the list, is Forrest's Sidestreet Cafe in Pawling. According to their Facebook, Forrest's opened in May, 1990, and offers a multi-cuisine menu for affordable prices. their reviews are equally stellar, with one customer saying their trip to NY from North Carolina wouldn't be complete without a stop at Forrest's Cafe.

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