This is some scary stuff.

The Times Union says that a transit company has released frightening footage of a pickup truck ramming into a bus in Syracuse.

Check out the video above from the YouTube channel.

Apparently the bus was stopped at an intersection on January 19 when the truck driver lost control and slammed into the transit bus.

You can see the woman to the right react as the truck zooms forward. If you watch closely, you can even read her lips. Yeah, we think most of us would have said the same thing.



The man sitting across from her didn't have as much time to react. He was looking down at his phone before he finally realizes what was going on. At that point it was too late. The truck then slams into the bus, pushing the poor guy all the way to other side of the aisle.

Miraculously, there were only minor injuries reported. The man driving the truck and his passenger only suffered minor injuries as well.