A graduation tradition at Vassar College has the school's most beautiful female students lining up to form a daisy chain.

There are many strange customs and traditions at colleges and universities across the country. At Williams College in Massachusetts, for example, students drop their watches from the top of the campus chapel. If it breaks they receive good luck after graduation.

A long honored Vassar College graduation tradition continue next weekend as the class of 2017 holds their commencement ceremony. The Vassar College daisy chain has been a part of the graduation ceremony since the 1800s.

Female Sophomore students at Vassar were originally selected for the honor of participating in the daisy chain based on their beauty. Only the prettiest students were asked to participate in the unique tradition.

The young women would dress all in white and line up to carry a 150-foot chain made of laurel and daisies into the graduation ceremony. Through the years the tradition has evolved, with participants eventually being chosen for their leadership skills and school spirit instead of their beauty.

After men were invited to attend Vassar they were incorporated into the tradition by serving as ushers at the commencement wearing daisies. In 2006 second-year students of color formed the first group of African Violets.  The Violets now accompany the daisy chain during graduation.

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